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Despite what others think, you can actually use the vast majority of cleaning products when you are pregnant, as long as you are careful and follow a few simple do’s and don’ts. Of course, if you are expecting a baby, you will be doing anything and everything to make sure that it is delivered without any trouble and is born healthy.

Simply follow our guide on what cleaning products to use whiles pregnant to make sure you and your baby remain safe at all times.

What Is Covered in This Article?

Throughout this article we will be looking at the dos and don’ts of cleaning whilst you are pregnant and taking a closer look at the products you may use. We will cover Labelling, DIY Cleaning Products, Ventilation, Skin Protection, Mould, Heavy Lifting and Apparel.

One thing worth playing is the lucrative “pregnancy card”. Now that you will have a child running around for the next 16+ years, the chances of you cleaning pretty much every day are quite high.

Make sure that you take advantage of your pregnancy to have some time to relax and rest. All of your energy is going towards the growth of your unborn child and any strong smells from bleaches or cleaning products can make you incredibly unwell.

Ask your husband, boyfriend or partner to do the cleaning tasks for the next 9-months (after all, it’s the least they can do) or if you have the budget to allow it, hire a cleaning company in Milton Keynes or someone that is local to you.


Make sure that the labelling on any cleaning products are clear and easy to understand. Avoid using any cleaning products that mention “Toxic”, “Danger” or “Corrosive” whilst you are pregnant.

Your pregnancy reduces your body’s ability to fight infection and leaves you more vulnerable to potent smells and irritations. If you are desperate for a cleaning product, try to find one that says “Non-Toxic” or “All-Natural” to make sure that both mother and child remain safe.

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DIY Cleaning Products

Never mix cleaning products or bleaches.

These can cause a chemical reaction and the harm they are able to cause is quite worrying.

If you do need to create your own product, simply combine a small amount of white wine vinegar and water to help combat the grime that builds up on worktops and tiled surfaces.


If you do find yourself cleaning whilst pregnant, make sure that you have the cleaning area well ventilated. Make sure that windows are left slightly open as well as any doors.

This will help the volume of air coming into the room, making it easier for you to breath, concentrate and helps to avoid skin irritation.

Skin Protection

If this was a commercial cleaning guide, we would advise you to wear PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. These items are specifically made to help protect you against potentially harmful cleaning products.

Use rubber gloves when cleaning areas that contain a high volume of bacteria. It will help reduce the chances of any bacteria spreading and can prevent you from developing unwanted illnesses.


If you discover mould in any area of your home, do not tackle it yourself.

Previous studies have shown that mould can contain toxic substances and has led to the defects of various new-born animals. Make sure that you ask your partner to mix any cleaning chemicals (following the manufacturer’s instructions) and the area is well ventilated.

If any damp/mould has spread make sure that it is removed as soon as possible.

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Heavy Lifting

Avoid lifting large, heavy objects and items of furniture such as smaller kitchen appliances, cabinets and sofas.

Whilst you are pregnant, your centre of balance alters and you may not be able to keep your balance as well as you used to before your pregnancy.

Ask your partner to move things for you or ask your family for assistance.


Remember to remove any shoes before you enter your home.

The dirt we drag in can contain toxins and spoil your carpets. Make sure that you remove your trainers at the door and ask any following guests to do the same. Not only will this reduce the amount of bacteria in your home but it will also reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do.