Domestic Upholstery Cleaning

Here at RCS we are highly efficient when it comes to the removal of large stains and dirt in sofas, chairs and other furniture! Clean fabrics and leather surfaces are not just visually pleasing to the eyes and nose; these procedures also extend the life of your fabric and leather!

At RCS Cleaning we offer two types of upholstery cleaning for both fabric and leather.

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Professional cleaning of the upholstery on a sofa

Fabric Cleaning

Upholstery fabric cleaning is a hot extraction clean and uses very soft fibres. We only use PH balanced cleaning products to ensure our process is safe on all fabrics. The child and animal friendly cleaning products we use keep your furniture spotless and safe at all times.

brown sofa cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Upholstery leather cleaning consists of a three step clean. First, all soiling and dirt is removed from the leather. Second, we feed the leather; which stops the leather from cracking. Third, our conditioning process brings back the softness to the leather, leaving your once dirty furniture looking almost brand new again!