Kitchen and Hygiene Cleaning

Hygiene for any business is vital, but commercial kitchen cleaning is extremely important for hospitality businesses. Our commercial hygienic cleaning solutions ensure business owners comply with the Food Safety Act 1994.

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cleaner working on kitchen duct

Duct Cleaning

Commercial kitchens are prone to producing a greasy atmosphere. That grease travels through the ducting systems which are cleaned to ensure the environment remains as clear and efficient as possible. We provide a number of quality kitchen duct cleaning solutions to make your lives that little bit easier!

working on safety floor scrubbing

Safety Floor Cleaning

Over time flooring can become worn and contain a lot of dirt, preventing it from doing its job. To prevent accidents and keep kitchen areas hygienic, RCS provide safe kitchen floor cleaning services to businesses nationwide.

restaurant counter after cleaning

Counter Cleaning

Food preparation areas will naturally come into contact with a variety of potentially harmful substances. Ensure that your working environment remains safe and contamination free with a profession kitchen counter cleaning solution that is perfectly safe for food environments.